Why the Web name "Sirianer" ?

This i will gladly explain here:

1. Due to the complete crash of my Internet - notebook beginning 2015 I did not get the message from the United States that the domain expires service for .info ending on 11 May.  So my Web www.7stern.info was banned on 11 May and it was from then on my sites no longer call.   And what's worse:  I did not receive any more mail messages!

2. After consultation with my Swiss provider I learned the reason for the blocking and trying to re-activate the domain service.  However, this failed because I on my Maestro Credit Account no money had to be paid to this reactivation.  What to do now ???

3. I decided to create a new Web with the Swiss .ch domain.   I asked my guardian angels, what a name should I choose for the new Web?  They gave me the tip:  I should to clarify my cosmic origin and also select that name, what I was doing the same now.
So:  Some time ago I was on the basis of a number of facts are clear that my cosmic home, the
planet Sirius C, which orbits the binary star Sirius A and B and was recently even photographed by astronomers.  From there I wanted to incarnate in the "Blue Planet" Earth / Gaia.

But I was advised to complete only specific technical training in the Pleiadians, which is in the "Seven Sisters", the Pleiades.  Here is a picture:

After completing this very demanding, exciting training I wanted "with swollen chest" incarnate to earth, but my teachers warned me:  You need yet a seminar for "knowledge transfer and communication", so that you  can give people your knowledge in the right way..

So I switched to the Arcturians who are responsible for knowledge transfer and communication at the first contact with humanity, which has long been so long overdue. 

But my supervisor prepared me very comprehensive before my special tasks during my incarnation on Earth
Gaia, who will be there :

  • Condition improving in technology and in many other things

  • Accident prevention

  • Enforcement of law and justice

  • Mediation

  • Refugee and Emergency aid to people in difficult situations

And when I looked up there time to the earth down, stunned me two blue rays that came up to me:
The one beam came from
Hilda Sahli in Vienna that
attended a Montessori nursery school seminar.
The other beam came from
Eugen Steinemann in Berne, he Economic graduated there at the university natural sciences and economics (with a doctorate).

The two were already engaged and agreed to spiritual- mental to take on any pleasant evening at ARKTURUS, which is most clearly visible in the evening sky, as he is one of the brightest stars in the sky at the top of the drawbar "sky car" ("Great Bear"), connected to the Polarstar on sky north.  I decided to choose this same both as parents and incarnate to Earth on Mother's Day, so I came into the world on May 14, 1933.  And my parents called me not only Thyl,  but "ARTHUR THYL".  All right?

  • On Earth, I was once an apprentice instructor 

  • I founded the "Nonpartisan movement against nuclear power plants Zurich". Thanks to this activity at least four nuclear power plants have been prevented for the construction or decommissioned. Then I am still proud.  But the leadership of this organization was also quite sophisticated, with visits from international environmental conferences, campaigns against the construction of new nuclear power plants, etc.   This poster I designed and painted.  Here in action beside the Railwy road in Zurich:

  • I developed the two world's most efficient Solarplant systems that are more efficient than two and a half networked applications all previously realized solar power worldwide.  For this reason, my name has been put even in secret, the international information system of banks on a list of criminals, so they can block all my projects to prevent my systems HELIOFOL and  POLYFLEX compete the oil industry and the nuclear industry seriously.  That is why my two major projects worth several million francs have been sabotaged by the banks.

  • The Barrister Richard Edward at Abidjan founded for me the "Abidjan Sevenstar Helpwork for Culture and People in Need".  A first of the inheritances from my "Adoptive Daughters" in Africa is the financial basis of this helpwork with 5 million dollars.  This helpwork is caring now on all my "Adoptive Daughters", so that i must no more pay much money each months.

As it should be mentioned that the Pleiadians frequent contacts with Billi Meier cultivated in the Zurich Over- land, were photographed and on its premises even landed and he demonstrated their laser gun by so riddled a tree trunk, which I showed Billi Meier, etc.

Billi Meier I learned in person.  About him can contact Google with: "Billi Meier" inform with many images, as described above.

And my first UFO sighting, I wished concretely me, I had up there, just on the other side of the valley, on the naturist camp "Sitzberg".  This is a reconstruction of my sighting:


This impressive sighting I sent a detailed report to about 8 different newspaper editors for publication.
But not a single editorial dared to publish this explosive report, except for the "Zürcher Unterländer".  Editor Guido Schwarz sat down with me by telephone in connection to a number of questions answered by me to obtain.  He told me that they have repeatedly talked to pilots from the nearby airfield Zurich Kloten which (behind closed doors) confirmed that they repeatedly see
UFOs, but not allowed to report on this publicly because otherwise they risk their job.

Too bad that I out of sheer fascination at all did not think to photograph the spacecraft and videographing, which I still held at arm's length in the adjacent car both cameras in readiness and specially about two months ago bought the Hi8 video camera ... ( For this I need honestly say that I forgot in my desire to also document the sighting - so blame myself ).  At the following UFO group evening, when I told enthusiastically by my sighted UFO flight demon- stration, I could not tell them why I photographed neither nor filmed.  But my dear room siblings appeared a se- cond time, namely on 10 August 1995, when I was sitting comfortably in mid- afternoon snack on the balcony in Wasen- Schleinikon ZH and their spaceship suddenly came out from behind a cloud.  I immediately ran to the liv- ing room and took the binoculars to the "UFO" to take a closer look.  But when I thought probably just 10 seconds later on the balcony after the UFO out, it was gone - it has been rendered invisible or is it raced away.  Now I knew why I should watch and not take pictures:

Who is open- minded enough, believe me that is what I tell without seeing pictures because he / she can be thought of metaphorically.  But anyone who does not already believe that there are aliens and spaceships that still does not believe me when I submit images because "these are but just faked", it is claimed.

Now, however, my wife Sylvia not angry but a little that I was able to twice watching a spaceship during the day and the best view, but she could not see them, now said Sylvia to me: "The next two UFOs I'll see," 

Of course it happened as desired, and indeed on a beautiful afternoon, as we sat with friends in Glix below Siat the afternoon snack.  While I made some music on my key fiddle, she looked to the west and saw to their amazement at the summit of the pyramid- shaped Piz Tumpiv TWO spaceships in mutually inclined position.  When I play- ed the melody finished and Sylvia wanted to draw attention to this sighting me, the UFOs have made invisible, they have simply disappeared in the clouds, in front of which they were previously. These were therefore the two UFOs that SYLVIA had wished!

Since I published my sightings on the Internet (www.7stern.info/ufo.htm) called me one day a reporter from the Swiss television on whether he could come for an interview by Siat and his cameraman?  Thus came a brisk two- team by Siat, interviewed us during more then 4 hours and enjoyed a lunch on our large balcony with panoramic mountain views.  The interviewer, however, warned us of the adoption, that he would not cut the extensive recor- dings, but that this makes a surgeon in the studio, to which he had no control.

The over 4 hours of video have been cutted for the program "Rundschau" from Schweizer Fernsehen DRS to five minutes (!).  Edited together and the most important conclusions, which could convince the audience a clear pic- ture of the presence of aliens in our airspace have been excised.  This has been a testament to us again how the media censorship of the self- proclaimed ruler of the world works.  How long probably ??

Since then I have had several sightings of spaceships and could even call them that they showed me.

This is my first picture of a UFO on 20 September 2006, where I actually saw the helicopter and wanted to take a  photo from it, but in the evening i discovered the spacecraft on the screen below the helicopter on the image.

I suppose that this UFO came from the Pleiades and that "they" wanted to offer me an opportunity to get my own picture of them.

On 19 August 2008 I was able to photograph an UFO over the Surselva again after my Sylvia even looked over the Piz Tumpiv two UFOs in an inclined position.

Here the picture, also with a helicopter.  The UFO above increases in a frame including:

One night I finally wished me a Geopiktogramm ("crop circle") in Switzerland, and look and behold:  The next morning, a crop circle in Gümmenen below the railway viaduct was made!  A friend sent me a letter, in which he drew my attention to this icon with a newspaper clipping.

So I could go to the following weekend there with my Sylvia and take pictures from the railway bridge under which this Piktogamm was laid.  Here is a summary picture of:

The figure represents an "inverted Q" is how it has been applied previously in telephone directories, if the subscriber has an answering machine.  For me meant the message: "We have registered your request and here it is desired fulfilled!"

I wished even the first Geopiktogramm in Graubünden, and as 2007, three circles into the cornfield were placed at Reichenau-Tamins on 30 June:

I would like to mention that my friend Curdin Bundi (also a member of the UFO study group Surselva) was with a lady friend (related to the tenant of this property)  at this cornfield and he wished three crop circles.  He had four more days to wait, because at his birth day the extraterrestrials have realized these circles!

The driver of the first train stopped even the train and handed by the speaker that passengers should also look to see these crop circles.  He immediately informed the newspaper office that made a helicopter flying over the field to make pictures.  So also I have experienced it, because a reader of my Web 7Stern emailed me and informed me of the event.

As Curdin saw this, he was freaking out with joy and asked almost the extraterrestrials, but to show him that these circles are really the fulfillment of his desire, by now create another circle.  And look and behold:
The next day was next this crop circle, a further small circle, now there are four circles like you can see above !
So I want you to cheer dear readers:  Do take yourself also in touch with our
cosmic brothers by telling them your wishes and then, of course, one is grateful for them when they have met you one wish!

I will end by this site, because it would be very much to say about the subject Ufo and Aliens, but this on another page once.

But you can ever look at Google, which have already been realized for fantastic " Geopiktograms " that are much more complex than simple circles:  Keywords: "Crop Circles" and "Crop circle pictures"

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